Top Paintball Mask – V-Force Grill

One of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to paintball that most people don’t think about it first is the mask. A bad mask will hurt your field of view and if it’s uncomfortable it will quickly become a nuisance. Speaking of being a nuisance if you have ever used a best paintball mask in a very hot and humid environment you will quickly learn that fog is not your friend. Do yourself a favor by buying a quality mask such as the V-Force Grill. Doing so will ensure you play a whole lot better and have way more fun at the same time.


V-Force Grill

If you have been the game of paintball long enough then you have definitely heard of V-Force. They are probably the most popular paintball mask manufacture in the world and it’s no wonder why. They produce high quality masks again and again that people simply just love. The V-Force Grill is their most expensive model by far at a price range of around $90 if you find the right place. In second place is the super popular Profiler that you see at almost every paintball match.

vforce grill

What makes the Grill so cool is how aggressive it looks while bringing quality to the table. Not only are they extremely comfortable but they do a great job of protecting you as well. Unless you have a rather large head you should fit the mask perfectly. If you do on the other hand then the Profiler might be a little better suited for you.

What makes the Grill so comfortable is the amazing mask foam and flexible ear. This allows you to wear the goggles for long extended periods of time and not become uncomfortable. After a while you practically forget you’re even wearing them. The material that the goggles are made of allow for great protection of the face while still being soft enough for a bounce. The venting is also really great in the Grill and allows for easy breathing and the ability to speak loudly without being muffled. Swapping out your lens or taking it out to clean is easy too thanks to the QuickChange system.

Even the foam in the mask is one of my favorite mask foams of all time. It’s their revolutionary ClickDry system which allows you to swap out your foam anytime if it gets too sweaty or you want to replace it. You can use the comfort chin strap if you want more stability and the Temple ComfortPads can be easily detatched depending on if you like them or not. I have to say that this is my favorite paintball mask out today and has been for quite some time. If you’re looking for a pair of goggles then you definitely can’t go wrong with the V-Force Grill.

Review of the Best Paintball Loader: Dye Rotor

In paintball the main pieces of equipment that you use are your marker, mask, air tank, and hopper. Upgrading each one of these will definitely help make you a better player on the field and get more eliminations. While paintball guns, masks, and air tanks can be controversial deciding which one is best it is well known that the Dye Rotor is the best paintball hopper that money can buy.

Many different brands try to compete with Dye but as of so far none quite can. So don’t just settle with some low end hopper that will just cause you problems on the field and instead go with the Dye Rotor. This review will list all the qualities that come with the hopper so you can decide if it’s right for you.


Dye Rotor Review

From the revolutionary design to the battery efficiency to the insane feed rate the Dye Rotor just excels in every category imaginable. After using this hopper for a long time now I really can’t use any other now without being disappointed. With all the great advantages that come with it it’s no wonder why.



Being one of the lightest 200 round hoppers you can find it definitely helps carrying your marker for extended periods of time even easier. The design makes it extremely low profile to avoid possibly getting shot. The design also makes it so the balls get pushed straight down which allows for an even smaller sized loader.

The hopper itself is made with their own Tuff Molding which is extremely durable. Dye has even done tests where they dropped the loader off a three-story building and it still worked perfectly fine. With a water resistant coated board you can even run it underwater which is pretty amazing. For games where it’s raining as long as your marker is useable in water as well you will be good to go.

A bright LED display lets you know then the Rotor is turned on or off but thankfully this can be turned off for when you’re playing at night. If you want to work on your hopper you don’t even need any tools which is pretty useful for those quick fixes or cleaning.

review of the dye rotor

With the Rapid Reload feature reloading is quick and simple to do. The lid is actually transparent and has an interchangeable dual density carrier so you can load faster and have a more secure closure. The sides even have clear windows so you can keep track of how much paint you have.

If you want to alter your torque settings so you can shoot brittle paintballs at a high rate of fire you just need an allen wrench and you’re good to go. If paint does happen to get jammed up you just have to squeeze the Sharkfin Trigger on the bottom of the loader and it will go back to working.


Battery Efficiency

If you’re looking for a hopper that has an extremely long battery lifespan then you will surely not be disappointed with the Rotor. It’s actually the most energy efficient loader on the market with an insane battery life of 80,000+ paintball shots.


Rate of Fire

Thanks to the Constant Feed Rate feature you can shoot up to 50 balls per second which is honestly way more than you’ll ever need but it’s nice to know it’s possible. This insane feed rate is due to the constant feed rotor carousel coupled with the opposing rotation of the center rotor arm. Now you will have no problem keeping up with anyone on the field no matter who it is. If you still aren’t sure if this hopper is right for you then look at all the positive reviews online to change your mind.


Our Review of the AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

One of my favorite things to do after I wake up in the morning is to jump on my mini trampoline. It allows me to get my blood flowing and gives me a boost of energy at the beginning of the day. I also like to jump and think to myself all the task I need to perform that day, to me that’s the perfect way to start the morning.

When trying to find the best many trampoline possible I look to make sure it fits my two main qualities, and that is that it’s cheap and works the way it’s supposed to. If you are buying it for yourself a really doesn’t need to be that fancy and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The model that I think fits this bill the best is the AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline. For a price of around $30 you can purchase the 38 inch model and this bad boy is served me well for a couple of years now. I recommend this rebounder to all my friends and family as it has helped me greatly these past couple of years. If you are thinking of getting one yourself make sure to read this review first to see if you’re making the right choice.


AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline Review

When I first bought this trampoline I’m not going to lie I kind of expected it to be cheaply made, after using it for a while I can definitely see that this is not the case. It honestly looks and feels like you just took a normal sized rebounder and shrank it down. Maybe not exactly the same but pretty close and that’s good enough for me.

airzone mini trampoline review

The mat itself is actually made out of the same woven polypropylene that is used on the full-size models and this gives it that great feel to it that I love. And set of using the normal metal springs though it instead uses a safer elastic band which is always a nice plus. The elastic bands are then covered with a padded skirt which is yet the fall apart on me so it is nicely designed as well. Other brands that I’ve used in the past this wasn’t the case and I must say it was rather annoying.

This rebounder can handle anyone that weighs up to 200 pounds which compared to a lot of other models is a decent weight limit. A lot of many trampolines are meant solely for little kids so you always have to be careful about the weight limit when looking at different models. The design on this rebounder makes it extremely easy to put together and you can just take the legs off whenever you want in case you need to store away or take it somewhere.


My Experience

Besides just using this mini trampoline to wake myself up and prepare for the day it also is great for cardio fitness purposes. If you are trying to lose weight but don’t necessarily like running or going to the gym then this is definitely a great alternative. While I also do all three it definitely helps add a more fun way to exercise.

By simply using this AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline for just 30 minutes a day you will be surprised at the difference it makes over time. And not only helps build up your leg muscles a little but is also great for your knees and heart health. Of course losing weight is a great side effect as well and there are also a ton of DVDs out there that incorporate mini rebounders into the program. After reading this review hopefully you have a better idea if this trampoline is right for you.